on heavy rotation #24 – 06/2014

Skye Wallace – Dead Things Part II

Artist: Skye Wallace
Song: Dead Things Part II

We drove along the famously beautiful Sea to Sky Highway and stopped in the quaint community of Britannia Beach.

As the clouds parted and the sun started shining Skye and her band of musicians carried the very vintage, very worn sofa across the road and along the railroad tracks to a very small, very dangerous strip of land jutting out into the ocean. The small peninsula was used as a dock years ago but is now slowly falling away. All that is left are the rotting beams still sticking out of the water.

The group played Sky’s bluesy tune Dead Things Part II for this Green Couch Session.
It was a magical moment by the sea.

Hosted by: Britannia Beach Art Gallery Dock

Filmed and Edited by: Jonathan Krauth
Produced by: Michy Al
Audio by: Adam Johnson


The Green Couch Sessions are a live music video series based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. It is the passion project of Green Couch Productions and produced by a dedicated team of volunteers. You can lend us your support by sharing this video or by clicking here: http://goo.gl/d42fyy to help us produce more live sessions like this one.

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