on heavy rotation #27 – 07/2014

The Green Couch Sessions are a live music video series based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. It is the passion project of Green Couch Productions and produced by a dedicated team of volunteers. You can lend us your support by sharing this video or by clicking here: http://goo.gl/d42fyy to help us produce more live sessions like this one.

Artist: The River and The Road
Song: Protect Your Hive

It’s about time the rowdy roots-rockin’ rascals of The River and The Road made their way to play upon the Green Couch.

Carrying the couch to a small park just off the sea wall by Granville Island, they played a sweet song that matched the beauty of their surroundings, as cherry blossoms swirled around the band on a gorgeous Vancouver day.

Andrew Phelan, Keenan Lawlor, John Hayes, and Cole George teased a new song called Protect Your Hive, as they got ready to kick off a Canadian tour, taking them through the rockies and the prairies, and on through Ontario and Quebec.

Hosted by: A Cherry Tree Forest

Filmed and Edited by: Jonathan Krauth
Produced by: Michy Al
Audio by: Adam Johnson