Radical Bookfair Hamburg 2014 – leftovers

3 books

“cut & paste 2014″



26 pages


25 selected collages from 2014


25 Euro per copy

interested ? contact me: some_t_ree (at) riseup dot net


2 sets of collages

printed on photo-paper 20×30

first set (4 collages)


5 Euro


second set (3 collages)


4 Euro


interested ?

drop me a line:

some_t_ree (at) riseup dot net

Radical Bookfair Hamburg 2014

Theo goes Radical Bookfair Hamburg!
As we are a small diy collective, and selfpublish all our works, we very much love& support alternative, anarchist & radical bookfairs. On the weekend of 4.&5. october there will be the very first Radical Bookfair Hamburg. We are very excited! You should be too! Infostands, books, discussions, workshops, concerts….Put down the date in your Theo Agenda! Theo will defenitly be around!!


time out


dear friends,

Apu ist takin’ a break from “regular bloggin'”

my creative mind is a little bit exhausted from bloggin’ collages without connection to certain projects

it is in need of some kind of regeneration

I’m concentratin’ now on doin’ some artwork for upcomin’

THEO agenda 2015

[some impressions from last years THEO agenda: 1, 2]

further there’ll be some smaller projects besides the work for  new THEO agenda

see you soon!